With left-brained intensity for detailed accuracy and right-brained passion for artistic truth.


Character Actor known for Shakespeare (Grave Digger in CTC’s Hamlet, above) to Neil Simon to Broadway musicals.

“ . . . with Ted Doolittle effective as her ultra-mild-mannered love interest, the Rev. Chasuble.”

Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle review of “Earnest” April 15, 2014

Over 30 years in various bookkeeping positions:

  • AR & AP
  • Payroll
  • Sales Taxes
  • Financials
  • And more . . .

Certified QuickBooks On-Line Pro Advisor



5/8/18  Asked to Audition for episode 3 of “Chambers” a new show to be released in 2018.

5/8/18  Auditioned for Stages Repertory Theatre’s 2018/2019 season

5/4/18  booked new MMDT gig for Exxon, May 15th in the Woodlands

4/30/18  Booked extra (court room attendee) for Cy-Fair ISD industrial

4/21/18 “Pride & Prejudice” closed

4/12/18 “Pride & Prejudice” opened at University of St. Thomas

4/3 - 4/4/18 In Dallas filming “Jeffrey Dahmer” episode of “Murder Made Me Famous.”

3/26/18 Booked the part of Lionel Dahmer in “Murder Made Me Famous” episode 502

3/22/18 Got a call back for Lionel and shaved the mustache, donned the glasses and retaped the submission hopefully more scientific as they requested.

3/16/18 Submitted self-taped audition to play Lionel Dahmer (Jeffrey’s dad) in a true crime TV series, Murder Made Me Famous, on REELZ.

3/12/18 Submitted for consideration as a background player for a Cox Business commercial shooting in Austin next week.

3/7/18 “Rumspringa Prelude” (Echo Pictures) informed me they’d cast someone else but liked my audition and will keep my information for future projects.

3/6/18 First rehearsal/read through of “Pride & Prejudice” at University of St. Thomas (the combined professional and student production). Nice adaptation by Eric Domuret who is also directing. Got to meet my daughters (5 of them!!)

3/1/18 Submitted Resume & Reel for a local Austin Car commercial

3/1/18 Submitted audition for movie short “Rumspringa Prelude” by Echo Pictures.

2/26/18 Great night of murder and mayhem. The 2nd Baptist Students were eager and intelligent as they pursued the answer. I sat at a table of 9th grade boys who asked me all kinds of great questions. Others in the room were personable and inquisitive as well. Fun night (and great food).

2/22/18 New Murder Mystery Gig for Monday 2/26 at Maggianno’s. A Private party of students from 2nd Baptist School.

2/3/18 Offered to submit as an extra for the HCA filming on Monday 2/5, but I’m in St. Louis and had to turn it down.

1/28/18 Audition opportunity for HCA, but the call back and filming was while I was on a family medical trip to St. Louis so I had to turn it down.

1/15/18 Offered a part of a businessman in a Music Video (no audition). But was concerned with the subject matter and turned it down.

1/12/2018 Attended the Memorial service for jeannette Clift George – Houston Alley Theatre Actress, star fo movie “The Hiding Place” (1975), founder and artistic director of the A.D. Players. A.D. Players is the reason I moved to Houston and where I met my wife. It has a dear place in my heart. It was a great service with Ruth Graham Bell and Dr. Ed Young speaking and Cynthia Clawson singing.

1/5/2018 Public Murder Mystery at Maggianno’s Little Italy on Post Oak.  Small but fabulous audience. I sat at a table with a family containing four VERY intelligent daughters. The Oldest, celebrating her 21st birthday, cracked the puzzle faster than any I’ve seen before. The next was very observant. They were great and I had a great time.


12/30/17 Submitted my first pages to Andrea Somberg (Harvey Klinger Agency) in the process of seeking an agent. She declined and encouraged me in my pursuit.

12/29/17 Asked to attend a Beer commercial audition in Austin. But only 3 hours notice so there was no way I could get there and ready in time.

12/12/17 Evening I received sides and a request to audition for the role of Whitey Bulger in a Reelz network true crime show. Taping is January in Dallas and I submitted my self-taped audition on Wednesday 12/13.

12/12/17 Eric Domuret called in the early afternoon and offered me the role of Mr. Bennet and I immediately purchased the Audible and Kindle versions of “Pride and Prejudice” so I can start reading.

12/11/17 Attended a call back for Mr. Bennet at UST.

12/9/17 PM Another MMDT for the Gunda Corporation’s Christmas Party. Party in a small room at Churrasco’s restaurant. No ready room and a tiny closet to escape into with another door leading into a kitchen open to the rest of the diners. Main entrance to the small room was feet from other diners. But we made it work and had a blast.

 12/9/17 AM I auditioned for Mr. Bennet in a new adaptation of “Pride & Prejudice.” University of St. Thomas is producing a combined student and professional actor performing in April of 2018. Directed by Eric Domuret

12/8/17 MMDT for McDonald’s Leaders in Woodlands. Good group and good fun. Snowed the night before (a once in 10-year Houston event) and was a crisp drive north.

11/25/17 Off to GNYDM convention representing Kleer. Fun, but didn’t work as expected so I came home on Tuesday.

11/22/17 Submitted an Agent Query letter for “A Blind Actor Prepares” to an agent in NYC. She taught a Writer’s Digest Webinar and will critique my query as part of the class fee.

11/10/17 Added two Murder Mystery Gigs for December 8th and 9th.

10/31/17 Asked if I could do Kleer character at NYC convention Nov 27-30. I said yes.

10/24/17 Submitted for Amazon Echo Industrial Job in Austin.

10/6/17 “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” opened at Classical Theatre Company.

10/2/17 Auditioned for Jim Adler Hurricane Harvey commercial

9/30/17 Offered several commercial auditions in September, two in Dallas which were too logistically difficult for me to accept. Hindsight? And one for Jim Adler in Houston

9/12/17 First rehearsal of “Mrs. Warren’s Profession.”

9/4/17 “Jumping the Sun” filming postponed until everyone can regroup after Tropical Storm Harvey passed through the city.

8/30/17 Murder Mystery canceled after Harvey dropped more than 30” of rain in the Houston area.

8/23/17 A new murder mystery gig at Maggiano’s for McDonald’s luncheon on August 30.

8/22/17 My hands auditioned for a glove print ad. Looking for guys who would wear gloves for work.

That evening taped my film acting class scene with me as Poopy the Clown.

8/14/17 Sat in the Chevron Auditorium Downtown with about 50 others who are the background/audience members for some lectures Chevron is taping this week. Saw a lot of people I know.

8/12/17 Asked to be in a local Independent Film entitled “Jumping the Sun.” Accepted

8/11/17 Requested to send a taped audition for a role in the third season of “Mr. Robot.”

8/9/17 Asked to be an extra for a Chevron taping on Monday 8/14. Not sure what the taping is.

8/8/17 Asked to submit an audition for a TV show which airs this fall

8/7/17 Kleer Commercial appears on YouTube: click here to view.

6/28/17 Filmed the Kleer Commercial, running through fields and dripping with sweat. From there came back to Houston to audition for Classical Theatre’s “Enemy of the People.”

6/27/17 Notified I made “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” playing Reverend Samuel Gardner. Rehearsals begin September 12th.

6/26/17 Attended Auditions for “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” at Classical Theatre Company

6/20/2017 Monday (19th) received e-mail to audition for a Methodist Cancer Commercial. Auditioned for the husband of a cancer suvivor.

6/14/17 Got cast in the Kleer Dental commercial. Shoots outside of Brenham on June 28th. Can’t Wait!! My first booking with Pastorini-Bosby.

6/11/17 Auditioned for Kleer Dental commercial

6/7/17 CTC called me back for two of their 2017/2018 productions: Enemy of the People (Ibsen) and Mrs. Warren’s Profession (Shaw)

6/6/17 Received notice of audition for a Dental commercial this Sunday

5/31/17 Been tentatively offered a role for next Spring. I’ll post more details once the season is announced and the offer solidified.

“Anne Frank” closed May 20th. A successful run and solid show due primarily to excellent direcion by Lonni Westeen and a solid cast that worked very well together. I miss it and miss our group.

4/11/17 Pastorini-Bosby Talent offered and I accepted that they will become my film and television agent for the southeast United States. Now to fill out all the paperwork.

4/7/17 MMDT for the 50th anniversary of Foretravel in Nacogdoches, TX. Motor Coach owners from around the country came to help celebrate. Great group though an accident on Highway 59 made several of us an hour late.

3/27/17 Contacted by Pastorini-Bosby Talent (responding to my enquiry) to set up an April 11th appointment to discuss possible representation.

3/14/17 Cast as Otto Frank (Anne’s father) in Queensbury’s production of “Diary of Anne Frank”

3/9/17 Asked to audition for Paul in AD Players production of You Can’t Take it With You. Audition is this Saturday.

3/7/17 Excellent Dinner at Maggianno’s as about 38 High School Students and their teachers (2nd Baptist School) actively purused the mystery solution. They kep me hopping with rapid fire and insightful questions.

3/2/2017 booked a Murder Mystery in Nacogdoches (about 2 ½ hours north east of Houston. Not sure the group.

2/27/17 Booked another murder Mystery. This time for 2nd Baptist school at Maggiano’s.

2/2/22/2017 Metro Baptist (SBC Children’s Leaders from Southeast U.S.) Had us for dinner entertainment and they were lively, involved and a great group.

2/14/17  A public Murder Mystery performance at Maggianno’s.

2/11/2017 Good Murder Mystery event where people didn’t suspect I was involved until after my “ex-wife” entered and berated me.

2/11/17 Received a call back from SRO productions for their fall “Mystery of Edwin Drood.”

2/10/17 Saw an audition notice for “Diary of Anne Frank” at Queensbury Theatre and plan to attend in March.

2/9/2017 Performed a Murder Mystery for over 150 (mostly 19-22 year olds) at Maggiano’s Private Phillips 66 party. Crowded. Hard to get around the room, but LOTS of fun.

2/8/2017 Confirmed Murder Mystery for a Private Party on the 22nd.

1/25/2017 Confirmed 3 Murder Mystery bookings with Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery of Texas

1/23/2017 Received Permission to use R.G. Harrison’s Letter Translations to produce one-man show of Vincent Van Gogh

“He knew that in his internal universe, there was a mission etched in a secret language, like drawings on the wall of an ancient cave, that gave him his direction and meaning. It could not be altered and it would always be there to guide him to the right path."

Harry Bosch in “The Wrong Side of Goodbye” by Michael Connelly

p. 385


Van Gogh Experiment

Van Gogh’s life told through his letters. Originally a staged reading for The Bard Project arts company, Martha is working on this for Ted to perform at a later date.

In His Steps

A one-act adaptation of the first part of “In His Steps,” the novel that inspired the phrase “What would Jesus Do.” Originally requested for and produced at the City of Refuge Church.

Velveteen Rabbit

Martha adapted this for production at the A.D. Players.

All I Want for Christmas

A Martha Doolittle Original originally produced at the A.D. Players


A Ted Doolittle original one-act, this stylized play (area and repeated lines/scenes similar to “Rimers of Eldritch”) follows the life of Christ if he had been born in a culture such as today.

2010 Toasted Cheese Sci-Fi/Fantasy Contest 2nd Place:

Nightmare of Hope